Box of 100 Eco Gards with stakes and mats
100 pack of Eco Gards with stakes and mats
Close-up photo of a plant protected by an Eco Gard

100 pack of Eco Gards with stakes and mats

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New model released June 2021! At Eco Gard we continually innovate based on feedback from our customers. Our new model is even easier to install than ever and will stand up in tough NZ conditions. 

This provides you with a box of 100 Eco Gards, 200 bamboo stakes and 100 wool mulch mats. 


  • Biodegradable – Jute degrades naturally to provide nutrients to sustain your plants

  • Natural materials.  Jute, bamboo and wool.  

  • Sustainable – made with sustainably grown jute and bamboo

  • Plant friendly - gives your plant light and lets them breathe

  • Durable – using the same material as sacks, Eco Gards are tough

  • Strong – two stakes and our patented bamboo internal supports provides a rigid frame resistant to wind and vandalism

  • Low Cost – competitively priced for mass plantings

  • Quick installation - no folding, just install the stakes and slide the protector over them 

  • Guard - Protects from animals (e.g. hares), wind and herbicide spray drift

  • Attractive - the natural colour of jute blends into the landscape

Shipping: flat rate of $10 inc GST. 

Payment methods: Credit card or bank transfer (POLi)

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