"My idea started when I was going for walks or drives and started noticing so many plastic plant protectors everywhere. I was annoyed that we were planting trees to help the environment but then we were wrecking it by using plastic. I wondered if I could find a way to fix the problem."
Julia - Inventor of Eco Gard

Until recently, all plant protectors were made from plastic. The Eco Gard story started when a 12 year old girl named Julia noticed ​this and decided to do something about it.

Julia tested several ideas and settled on a jute sacking cloth with bamboo stakes. She entered this in the 2018 Canterbury-Westland Science Fair and won the coveted Wrybill Trophy (full story in this link) as well as an award from Callaghan Innovation and other prizes.

After a lot of hard work, biodegradable Eco Gards are now available for purchase. They are made with jute - a sustainably grown grass which naturally biodegrades to further enhance plant growth. Julia's vision has been realised - a 100% biodegradable plant protector that is tough and durable but kind on the environment.

Sewing the first Eco Gard plant protector

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