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Eco Gards are the natural solution to get trees and plants off to a great start

Eco Gard protects your plants from animals, wind and spray drift. It provides a plant-friendly micro-climate for your plants, allowing light and air in to ensure your plants get off to a great start.

Biodegradable and made from sustainable materials, Eco Gards are the natural choice for your planting project.

Eco Gards are made of natural materials

Jute is a natural fibre which is biodegradable and sustainably grown. Mainly grown in Bangladesh and India, jute is a rain-fed crop with little need for fertiliser or pesticides (unlike cotton). It's referred to as the ‘golden fibre’ due to its colour and cost-effectiveness.

Bamboo is another natural product we use for stakes. Like jute, it requires no inputs apart from a hot and wet climate. Bamboo stakes are robust and reusable, but will also break down naturally over time.

Our mulch mats are 100% recycled wool. Not only do they prevent weed growth, they also absorb and release water, as well as providing nutrients to the plant as they slowly break down.

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Key features

Strong – bamboo structure resists wind and animals
Natural – jute and bamboo are the natural alternative to plastic
Plant friendly - jute fabric allows light and air to reach plants
Quick - just insert stakes and slide over Eco Gard
Low cost – competitively priced for mass plantings
Protects plants - from animals (e.g. rabbits), wind and herbicide spray drift
Durable – using the same material as sacks - leave in place to break down over time - no need to remove
Sustainable - jute and bamboo do not need fertilisers or irrigation to grow and mats are recycled wool
Biodegradable – jute degrades naturally providing nutrients to sustain your plants
Attractive - the natural colour of jute blends into the landscape
Wool weed mat - pre-cut holes for easy use 

Product specifications

Eco Gards come flat packed in boxes
Fabric: 100% natural jute
Height: 380mm
Opening: 160x160mm
Stakes: 600mm long 10-12mm diameter
Mats: 225x225mm 500gsm wool
NZ Pat Appln No. 758835

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