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Box of 50 Eco Gards with wool mulch mats and stakes, including installation guide
Installation photo of a biodegradable Eco Gard tree protector surrounding a young tree with a woollen mulch mat
Close-up photo showing the wool mat, bamboo stakes and plant guard before installation

Old Model - Eco Gard box of 50, with plant guards, stakes and mats

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Each box contains 50 x Eco Gards, 100 x bamboo stakes, 50 x 500gsm wool mulch mats and a guide on how to install. 


  • Biodegradable – Jute degrades naturally to provide nutrients to sustain your plants

  • Natural materials.  Jute, bamboo and wool.  

  • Sustainable – made with sustainably grown jute and bamboo

  • Plant friendly - gives your plant light and lets them breathe

  • Durable – using the same material as sacks, Eco Gards are tough

  • Strong – two stakes and our patented bamboo internal supports provides a rigid frame resistant to wind and vandalism

  • Low Cost – competitively priced for mass plantings

  • Quick installation - no folding, just install the stakes and slide the protector over them 

  • Guard - Protects from animals (e.g. hares) and wind

  • Attractive - the natural colour of jute blends into the landscape

Shipping: flat rate of $10 inc GST. 

Payment methods: Credit card or bank transfer (POLi)

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