Eco Gard Pack of 25 (incl. stakes and mats)

Eco Gard Pack of 25 (incl. stakes and mats)

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Please note that due to Level 4 restrictions being in place, if you make an order now we will not be able to fulfill it until these restrictions have been lifted. We are offering an additional automatic 10% discount on all orders placed and paid for while Level 4 restrictions are in place. If you don't wish to pay now, you can email us to let us know what you want to order, and we will be in touch when we can ship again (although we can't offer a 10% discount for this option). 

Each pack contains 25 Eco Gards with bamboo stakes, 500gsm wool mulch mats and a guide on how to install. Two stakes are provided for each Eco Gard.

All prices on this page include GST. Prices from $2.88 inc GST per Eco Gard for 100 or more. Head over to our larger order collection if you want to order in bulk.


  • 100% Biodegradable – jute degrades naturally to provide nutrients to sustain your plants

  • 100% Natural – no plastic! Jute and bamboo are the natural alternative

  • Sustainable – made with sustainably grown jute and bamboo

  • Plant friendly - gives your plant light and lets it breathe

  • Durable – using the same material as sacks, Eco Gards are tough

  • Strong – two stakes and our patented bamboo internal supports provides a rigid frame resistant to wind and vandalism

  • Low Cost – competitively priced for mass plantings

  • Quick installation - no folding, just install the stakes and slide the protector over them 

  • Guard - Protects from animals (e.g. hares), wind and herbicide spray drift

  • Attractive - almost too beautiful to put outside, the natural colour of jute blends into the landscape

  • Safe - hoops cover the stakes at the top removing an impaling hazard in public areas